Why this is the greatest marriage proposal ever?

Many people nowadays like men, women and or even gays are looking for new and unusual ways to propose marriage to their loved ones. The key here I think mostly is the element of surprise.

As we all know proposals have almost as important as diamonds in the engagement process, and some have created outlandish ways of doing it. The proposal's goal is such the same like a mountain hike is not expected, which is how proposal should be.

I have watched this video many times already and if only I can turn back time I will follow this concept or maybe much better in our silver wedding anniversary, hehe too early for planning. For me the conception of the video proposal was so great the uniqueness and the element of surprise was there of course.

Okay that's enough I will not elaborate what happened here, for those who haven't seen this video you may hit the play right away and watch this video proposal from the start until the end. And give me your thought if this video can really be the greatest marriage proposal ever.

By the way this picture is brought to you by (MP) Malones Photography.

Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever - Watch More Funny Videos

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