Mayweather v Pacquiao

Yes! the schedule of  Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight is already fixed if Floyd Mayweather Jr. will accept the offer. People are always asking now a days the updates of Mayweather Fights or Pacquiao fights. As far as I know Manny Pacquiao is already waiting for Floyd Mayweather Jr. which is mostly people called him a.k.a Gayweather his decision if he will accept the fifty fifty split of money. If ever Mayweather v Pacquiao will not push through, other alternatives will be replace like rematch of Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel Marquez and the other two challengers. The tentative schedule if Floyd Mayweather Jr. will accept the offer will be on May 5 , 2012. I'm so excited if this will happen, because this will be the greatest fight of all time in our generation right now. Below are the tales of tape and the other details of the two warriors I got it from wikinut site. 

Hometown, trainers, fighting division

Who have more?

HOMETOWN: FloydGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA / MannyGeneral Santos City, Philippines.
TRAINER: FloydRoger Mayweather, Manny Freddie Roach.
WEIGHT DIVISION: Floyd - welterweight, Manny - welterweight

Win-loss record

FIGHTS WON: Floyd - 41 (KO 25), Manny - 52 (KO 38)
FIGHTS LOST: Floyd - 0, Manny - 3 (KO 2)
FIGHTS DRAWN: Floyd - 0, Manny - 2
TOTAL FIGHTS: Floyd - 41, Manny - 57
ROUNDS BOXED: Floyd - 299, Manny - 329
KO PERCENTAGE: Floyd - 60.98%, Manny - 66.67%

Height, age, reach, stance

HEIGHT: Floyd5 ft 8 in., Manny5 ft 6.5 in.
AGE: Floyd33, Manny32
REACH: Floyd72 in, Manny67 in.
STANCE: Floydorthodox, Mannysouthpaw


WEIGHT at WEIGH-IN: Floyd 147 lbs., Manny145 lbs.
WEIGHT at FIGHT NIGHT: Floyd153 lbs., Manny145 lbs.

Arms, forearms, wrist, fist

ARMS LENGTH: Floyd24.5, Manny23
FOREARM: Floyd 11, Manny12
WRIST: Floyd 7, Manny8
FIST: Floyd 8, Manny10


CHEST NORMAL: Floyd 38.5, Manny38
CHEST EXPANDED: Floyd 39.5, Manny41

Neck, biceps, waist, thigh, calves

NECK: Floyd16.5, Manny16
BICEPS: Floyd12.5 in, Manny13 in.
WAIST: Floyd 31, Manny28
THIGH: Floyd22, Manny20
CALVES: Floyd15, Manny15

Fighting and punching styles

FIGHTING STYLE: Floyd defensive, counterpuncher; MannySouthpaw darter, volume puncher, hits at awkward angles
BEST PUNCH: Floydstraight right; Mannystraight left


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