What Can You Say About the Workshop Conducted by Alex Murhpy?

The workshop was all about for acting on film. It discussed the naturalness of acting on-camera as opposed to the larger-than-life approach of acting on stage. It also discussed the major similarities as well as differences between the two mediums. The basic principles for on-cam acting were also touched on such as the importance of hitting one's mark,maintaining eye line, being particular about continuity and knowing how to cheat one's block for the camera. Several on- cam improve exercises were also executed by workshop participants.

The facilitator was Alex Murphy (see FB Page)- a faculty member of the International Academy For Film And Television who finished his BA in Theater from the University of South Florida and has worked as a professional actor and director in New York, USA and Europe.

 More about Alex: Alex Murphy’s professional acting career in film, television and theater has spanned the United States, Europe, and Asia. After graduating from the University of South Florida with a BFA in Theatre, Murphy spent a few years performing in resident theatres in South Florida, and as a founding member and principle actor in the much publicized Improv troupe, SCHOOL OF NIGHT.(read more http://www.iaft.ph/mentors/alex-murphy-2/) 
The acting workshop gave us a lot of tips and tools to aid us in becoming comfortable in front of the camera's eye. For those of us who have training in theater, it taught us how to adjust to another medium of performance by teaching us how to confine our performance quotient without sacrificing intensity and still be effective as actors. For some who were green horns to the acting craft, it gave them the confidence to use what is already in them to cultivate a believable performance.

The workshop was very informative and educational. Alex is one teacher who truly practices what he preaches. He knows what he is talking about because he himself is in the industry. He managed to conduct the workshop in a manner that was very engaging but at the same time steeped in theory and principle.

I just have one point to say: Having workshops like these and having teachers like Alex Murphy affirms the truth that i have long believed in- that the craft and profession of acting is much like any other profession, it requires an education. Whether it be formal or informal, the acting craft is something that is studied and learned through theory,principles and experience. There are many techniques of acting much like there are many forms of layering and all of these are taught.It is not enough that the talent is there, it is more beneficial if the talent is cultivated in the right direction by learning about the craft through opportunities such as this. There is virtue in practicing this craft for this is the only craft that allows you to experience so many lives through the characters that every actor portrays.

The workshop was intended for the preparation and skill enhancement for local actor and actress of Iloilo City, Philippines and also for the upcoming entertainment movie films of Dark media production and direct TM Malones. This workshop was made through the effort of Nathan Jalbuena Sotto a casting director and  acting coach of Dark media production(Like Them on Facebook). Also incorporation with Cinematheq iloilo City(Find on Facebook), Philippines.

About the Author : 
Joan Paulette Mary Libo-on is a AB COM arts graduate of Philippine Women's University. Product of theater workshops with Repertory Philippines(Anna Abad Santos),CCP (Tony Mabesa)and theater teacher/actor Bodgie Pascua . Starving thespian and connected with WILL EVENTS AND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT&SOL FERNANDEZ SCHOOL OF DANCE. Find her on 


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