My Life on Skimboard

For the benefit of everybody I will explain first what is skim board, what kind of sport is this, how does it work and everything. I have been playing skim-board for almost three years now. This kind of sport is considered in extreme sports cause it's very dangerous especially if you do not know how to balance well. 

The reason why I love this sport, because rain or shine you can play all by yourself and it best alternative for Cardio exercise too. By the way if your asking if what is my level now? I'm still in beginner level, lol never mind let's proceed. Let me show you some of my pictures below.

Riding with my first skimboard last 3 years ago.

The photo below is taken when I was in Boracay last January 2013.

Skim-board, skim board or skim boarding or whatever they call it, is a water sports with a combination of playing skateboarding and surf boarding. Skimboarding is also considered as the counterpart of surfing because it is used to glide across the water surface with the use of the board without fins.

My first rail ride this was taken last 2 years ago in Roxas City Philippines.

This video was taken and edited a year ago by Kelbin Mark David  also known as skim master in Iloilo. I did some simple tricks here together with other flatland skimboarder.

What are the different kind of skim boarding and what are the difference? There are two kinds of skim boarding and these are the following:
  • Flatland or Inland Skimboarding - You can ride with this skimboard made of wood core. Most riders do their tricks in flatland, grinding rails and they can also jump or pop up with obstacles like motor or car tires, stones and etc.
  • Wave Ride Skimboarding - It is almost the same of surfing, the difference is you will start running from the shore towards the sea then drops and ride to the board reach the wave then ride back to the shore. Professional skimboarder can also do a lot of tricks while riding with the waves.

Catching Up the small wave in Antique, Philippines.

Where to buy a cheap skimboard in the Philippines? You may visit their pages here and compare prices.


For Flatland or Inland Skimboards:
  • Mad Skimboards (Located at Dulonan, Arevalo, 5000 Iloilo City, Philippines)

Here is a sample video of Flatland or Inland Skimboard. Flatsand is a group of professional skimboarder in Iloilo City Philippines they usually play in Villa Beach.

For Wave Ride Skimboards :

Want to See Wave Ride Skimboard?

Bayogyog is one of the Amihan Boys From Dahican Davao Oriental Skimboard who won in the Penang International Skimboarding Competition. See his video


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