iPhone 5 release date

See iPhone 5 Commercial

After watching this commercial I was amazed and right away researched about this new iPhone 5 gadget. As far as I know people are expecting the new iPhone 5 release date. When is iphone 5 coming out the answer is to be mid of September to late 2012. iPhone 5 specs has a quad-core processor that's pretty fast. The new iPhone 5 will probably called Apple A6. The keyboard or keypad whatever they called, it was very interesting as we can see this only in movies but right now It'll become a reality. The processor was manufactured by Samsung but designed by Apple itself. 1GB of RAM as per report suggest to techradar site. Battery size update not much increase in processor power, WiFi and megapixel obviously a bit higher than others . I just wonder where did they hide their chipset? lol It's up to you guys if you consider this one as the best phone ever. See more information in techradar site.

sources: youtube and techradar


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