A week after the encounter with a traffic enforcer, Robert Blair Carabuena went to MMDA office to seek forgiveness from Saturnino Fabros for what he did.It was in Tandang Sora Quezon City where the incident occurred, where an executive of multinational tobacco company Philip Morris was caught on video assaulting a traffic enforcer.Fabros said in an interview with the TV5 network that it was the first he experienced a treatment from a motorist.Carabuena's attention was only called for a wrong turn at the corner of Capitol Hills Drive and Tandang Sora.Meanwhile, PMFTC said that the complete facts surrounding the incident is not yet clear to make a full appreciation of the situation,the company would obviously not condone inappropriate conduct of any of our employees but will closely monitor investigations that have been launched on the incident. Thursday when the remorseful Robert Blair Carabuena asked forgiveness from Mang Sonny and his 6 children in MMDA main office, he admitted that he was wrong in his public apology,that he had a very hard time last week due to online and offline criticisms.Carabuena is asking for a second chance.Normally we would say he doesn't deserve any,but really it's not for us to decide.:)


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