Lalaki pa sa lalaki ang "BAKLA"

See Music Video Here.

Another dumbfounding song from our very own Aristotle "Aries" Pollisco known as Gloc 9 in music industry was released. From the album "MKNM: Mga Kwento Ng Makata" "Sirena" a story of a responsible gay man featuring Ebe Dancel amazingly touches my heart

Not that I am a gay man myself but as a person.It is not their fault that they have this "gay gene", but seriously the message is really astonishing. It made me think harder than i usually do, that when i see gay people making other people happy, that sometimes you get to meet someone who really hates them,either way let us just think that we are all the same,we are people and we have different experiences. 

We don't have the right to judge anyone unless we knew that person from the tip of his hair thru the tip of his fingers.We do not know what other people have been going through so let's just respect each other and live our own life to the fullest.Salute everybody,enjoy the video.


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