Unforgettable Dumaguete Day 1

When : July 19-21 ,2013
Hotel: Manhattan Suites, Dumaguete
What: Area Council Meeting (JCI Philippines)

I was up as early as five am  July 19,2013  not a very usual day because I was looking forward to a trip going to a place where I have not been before. I was very excited for so many reasons, first I get to have a time for myself, these past few weeks of having no nanny with us simply drained everything out of me. And luckily my husband is very supportive of the idea that I should get a vacation without them. Second reason, the people that I get to go with. Third reason is the meeting (hehe) and the Last Reason is that I get to visit a new place and I heard Dumaguete is very nice.

A ten minute taxi trip from our house to a port where the ferry boat going to Bacolod is our meeting place. Bought a round trip ticket for the four of us, single ticket for Php 435.00 while the round trip ticket is only Pph 665.00 each. 

See Weesam site  for more info here

After an hour we reached Bacolod,our ride is waiting for us Thanks to Pres Kay , AVP RJ and of course Pres Lucky. We decided to have coffee first before our long travel.

10 o'clock in the morning we started to go. Its very nice it seems very green y in this part of the world. Bacolod City has wider roads compared to Iloilo City but I know Our Honorable Mayor is working on it now. 

A 6 hour drive Is very boring but not when you are with Audrae and Essy. They started talking when Pres Lucky started her car. An hour later  they are still talking and we cant help it but laugh to whatever topic they feel to argue with. Funny Audre  complained of her headache. They never stopped we reached Dumaguete 4 in the afternoon with flying colors. Until we put our things and bags inside our hotel room the two of them never stopped talking and laughing. Our first day is intended for a City Tour. But First I want you to see our Hotel a very affordable one (see photo below) P1182 per night,we are 4 so its very cheap. 

Visit Manhattan Suites Inn facebook site for more info

A pose inside the lobby of our hotel before our exploration of the city begins.

Cafe Mamia found at the corner of San Jose and Sta. Catalina Sts. is a very cozy place to have your coffee or even dine. They serve really good food.

You should try their House Iced Tea. Delicious.

After enjoying our dinner we decided to have our coffee in a different place,of course after we settled bill.

So here we are at Sans Rival Bistro, just along Rizal boulevard. we finally got a taste of the so called Silvanas,coffee as expected are excellent in here.

What a place to have a chat with your friends. It feels like home away from home.

Day 1 is almost over. We were ready to go back to our hotel and take a rest and prepare for another daycation.

(by: haycia)


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