Be The Miracle

This will only take a few minutes to read. Please see photo below and realize the power of a father's love. A father who will do anything and everything to be with his son growing up. One who will not allow any hurdle or sickness to take hold of him. A father that has no other wish in this world but to be there for his family.

This is the story of my friend Michelle Ann Fernandez-Dechavez. A wife and a mother that I admire for her strength and positivity against all odds. Someone who believes in hope, miracles and courage. That no matter what happens, she will surpass the darkness. 

I now humbly ask all friends to be a light to Michelle, Kitz and their little boy. Let us show them that prayers can come true and love exits in humanity. Yes, some of you may not know who they are but ask yourself, "How great will I feel knowing that I helped save a life?"

I believe in LOVE. I believe in HOPE. Above all, I believe that there is always GOODNESS in one man for another. 

Be a miracle and give LIFE.

BinGit Egida Dechavez, REALLY needs our help. He is sick and the only cure left is for him to undergo bone marrow transplant. He is said to have relapsed. Cancer cells are up at 15% from the previous 2%. And for him to be able to undergo said transplant, the family needs roughly 6 million pesos.

Any response is greatly appreciated. Thank You! God bless you! Or if you happen to know a foundation or charity, local or international, that could help them, you may send a message to his wife, MichelleAnn Fernandez-Dechavez as well.

Please share God Bless!

Visit Michelle Ann Fernandez-Dechavez facebook profile for any updates.


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