A True Story about Non Human Part 2.


Same time, same house, but different part of our home where a student with her roommate was experiencing weird things, scary things.
            Our house was made of cement and wood that time, half of it or the lower part was cemented and the upper mostly was made of wood and bamboo. My grandparents own the house and occupied the lower part together with my three aunts and two uncles with their family. We stayed on the second floor where we had a bigger room for the three of us and more rooms for our boarders. As all of you can see we have a big house, and we’re more than fifty living in it, and to make it clearer it was a compound with three houses, a main house with one house on each side. I was referring to the main house, where such weird things happened. 

            Going back to the student with her roommate they had their room at the opposite side of ours. With a double deck , Lani 18 (not her real name) occupied the lower deck, Ninfa 18 (not her real name) the upper part, a small room with four windows made of wood and tin.
            Everybody was sleeping that time. Thelma (not her real name) a female boarder woke up to a sound, a sound of a woman who is gasping for air, she wasn’t sure she said or it sounded like she was crying. So she got up of her bed, left her daughters behind and went to see where the sound came from. When she was sure that it was in Lani’s room, she started to knock for them to wake up. But no response instead all the other boarders woke up and was alarmed because they thought that Lani was having an asthma attack again. It was really long when Ninfa woke up and open the door for them. Ninfa, disoriented asks why? They said to check for Lani since they still can hear her crying. It was then that Ninfa realized everything ,it was only then she hears her crying.
            Thelma felt that what was happening is not good. She don’t know she said but to her instinct she rushed to their room and looked for a Rosary, a Holy Bible and a ginger then went back to Lani. Lani with her roommate and some other boarders were still there. Lani still gasping for air, cried with her eyes still shut. Thelma with her rosary and Bible held her and PRAYED for her. All the other boarders doesn’t have any idea except for Thelma that what was happening that time wasn’t a simple asthma attack. She wasn’t sure herself too. But she knew that it wasn’t human who is doing it. As she continues to Pray, Lani slowly recovers. She tried to open her eyes but she can’t, so she started to speak.

(To be continued)... 

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(By Haycia my wife)


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