What's the next IIonggo Movie Film of TM Malones?

Who is TM Malones? As to the Philippine Star Entertainment News Magazine.

TM is a native of Maasin, a small municipality of some 31,000, around 30 minutes from Iloilo City where he runs the flourishing TM Malones photography studio at the Lopez Commercial Arcade in Jaro. Most of his projects are weddings in Cebu and Iloilo, where in December he services as many as 10 weddings a day. 
Apparently, the money he makes is spent on his passion, which is filmmaking. A graduate of the Central Philippine University (CPU), a private research university in Iloilo run by American Baptist missionaries, TM won the Best Thesis Technical Award upon graduation for his film Salvi. In December of 2012 (read more (http://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2013/02/01/903493/unearthing-jewel-iloilo)
Indeed unearthing one of a kind skilled, young and talented ilonggo director in Iloilo City, Philippines. As far as I know TM Malones directed already a lot of movie films, documentaries and music videos such as Obra, Espiritista, Salvi, Maninina, Diet of Wormz song 'Apocalypse' and etc., you can check them out on his Youtube Channel.

Above picture is one of the BTS (behind the scene) from Salvi Short Movie Film by TM Malones, it was taken a year ago. You may visit and see other photos from their official Facebook page here ( Dark Media Creations ).

Dark Media Creations simple yet cool logo assigned in their Facebook group page timeline. Below photo posted by administrator of the group shows some coaching and workshop from talented and skilled ilonggo local artist. 

Standby for any updates I am sure there are many new movie films coming from dark media creations and director TM Malones.


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