A True Story about Non Human Part 3.

Thelma never stopped praying  as Lani slowly recovers. She still can’t see but she started to open her mouth so that she can speak. And slowly words came out , she said “ they took me”. Everyone could not understand but Thelma with a little idea of what’s happening, said “we are here to help you, who took you”.
As everybody was listening that time  Lani continued to speak , she said ,
I was just reading my book  around 9:00 pm when I saw 2 cats on our window, Ninfa was asleep ,so I continued reading and did not mind those cats since I see them almost every night. I fell asleep while reading and woke up again around 11:00 pm because of some noise. Cats still there, now they’re looking at me. I was a little afraid so I sent them away by throwing a paper onto them. They didn’t move an inch. I was really sleepy so I went back to sleep. Uncomfortable but I managed to sleep again and woke up to see not a cat but now 2 ladies looking at me, they are now standing inside our room. They took me , I don’t know how but we were just floating ,I don’t know how to describe it!  I’m trying to let go but they are stronger than I thought. I knew them, the old lady and her middle age daughter. I kept on asking what is going on? What are you going to do? What is happening?! And then we stopped, I don’t even know where we are, it only took a very short time for us to be in the place where we stop. So I think we’re not far away, but I don’t recognize anything except for the tree. The tree is just at the back of the house how come it’s different. They said  “we’re inside the tree”, and before we kill you we will let you know everything. It’s as if I’m dreaming now but I know that I am talking to them while I’m in my room trying to recover. Thelma still praying as Lani continues to speak. I’m still with them and I can’t go back. They said they’re going to destroy everything now, that they were responsible for all the things that happened to the family especially to the child. Everyone couldn’t believe what Lani just said but they don’t feel good about it either.
            With a little energy she had she suddenly jerked and she spoke “they’re going to Manang Jen’s room” it was our room that she’s talking about, and while she’s telling the people around her about it, automatic there was something going on inside our room. It’s as if she’s narrating a story and while she’s talking about it where her eyes were closed everything that came out of her mouth is happening at that same moment.
            The story about what happened in our room was in the first part. I was in bed with my brother when I saw something, I was really helpless that time so with trembling body I managed to call for help from people outside the room. I heard Manang Lisa’s answer, “Inday  are you ok?” then I heard she’s trying to say something but it’s not clear. Then a lot came in, there’s Nonoy, Jose and Manoy. They were at Lani’s room earlier when Lani said that somebody’s coming into our room they rushed to help me and my brother. Meanwhile it was Manang Lisa who runs to help us first but when she entered our room she suddenly can’t move a single step.
            They helped us got up, we went to Lani’s room and there I felt disoriented. They were talking about “Aswang”. And I remember what I saw. It was really scary.
            We were just sitting in the corner of Lani’s room as we listen to what she’s saying. She said that they are now downstairs, and as she speaks we can all hear screams from people downstairs. Men spread out to gather some of our family and bring them in Lani’s room where it’s safer for all of us since she seem to know what will happen. That night was really mysterious. Manoy saw a shadow walking without the owner and it entered the main door of our house using the space from the floor to door and its only half an inch. He grabbed a chair and cast it into the shadow. And it vanished.
            Women and children with some of our men stayed beside Lani’s room to know what to do, some went down to monitor everything. It was almost dawn when Lani said that she’s very tired and she wanted to give up. My grandmother said not to, but Lani without the energy to speak said again, I just want to go with them I’m so tired as she point her finger into a space without anyone. She speak again, “what do you want?” as she cries, “why me?”  We were speechless. I cannot describe what I felt that time but I know it isn’t some kind of a joke it was real.
The sun came up and they disappeared. We all went down and saw everybody, some of our neighbors and even people living blocks away from us, asking questions “what happened?” are you ok? But we all knew what we saw, and they are missing in the crowd.
(By Haycia my wife's post)


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