Salvi A Film by TM Malones.

Last Nov. 28 to Dec. 09, 2012 SALVI Film by TM Malones was played on a big screen at Robinsons Galleria Movie World Sharngri-la. The story was all about Salvi, a survivor of a post apocalyptic world, tries to save Isabel, older sister, who was taken away when they were young. "Salvi" is one of the short film that has been shown on Cinema One Originals Festival last 2012.


 Here are some snapshot pictures of Salvi A film by TM Malones .

I'm so happy that I have been a part of this process and I would go straight back in doing this one. My friend TM Malones an amazing director, he has something that breaks new ground who creates an environment, which gives the actor or actress the encouragement to fly.

Ilonggo artist has made a significant, indelible and influential contribution to the development of film and the film industry.

A movie that has a compelling vision and groundbreaking style that has helped to define cinema as we know it today.

Salvi a film that has a personal stamp that cuts across films, genres, and decades.

Salvi one of every movie made different and an exciting adventure.

Salvi a story of its own kind of expedition.



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