The iPad Mini Could Look Absolutely Stunning

Here's another popular and latest gadget updates. One of the trending gadgets right now,
After the iPhone 5 leak mega-saga—at this point you can call these renders sneak previews—the black anodized aluminum iPad mini seems like a done deal.
Which is why Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek—who made those awesome iPhone 5 renders that looked just like the real thing—has rendered these images. The more I look at the black iPad Mini, the more I like it. The white one looks cool too... but then I saw the color model. I want that one. It would be a nice surprise for the rumored imminent presentation of the new 7.85-inch model: iPad Minis with anodized aluminum backs in different colors, just like the iPod touch. It's pure speculation, but it kind of makes sense. The color backs would make the cheaper iPad mini quite different from the Kindle Fires and the rest of mini-tablets of this world. It's playful and aligns with the iPod touch theme. And it would certainly help Apple sell gazillions of them this holiday season. read more.
 I think gadgets like this is the fastest depreciation stuff right now. Why? because People don't mind old ones, no contentment, but the most important thing is you're satisfied of what you've got right now.


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