Maninina: A Revelation

Ilonggo Director TM Malones  has now released a new documentary film entitled Maninina: A Revelation.  A documentary film about determining the identity of a local snake that can be found on the island of Panay, Philippines. Maninina is the name given by the locals to describe a long, black, allegedly venomous snake that terrifies everyone. 

Produced and Written by T.m. Malones

See Maninina : A Revelation - Part 1 below

Maninina: A Revelation is NOW AVAILABLE!!!
Contact Nathan Sotto at 09177043698 or email us at darkmediacreations@gmail.com


The following contains dangerous and venomous animals being captured by an experienced person. Trying to replicate the following footage may result in serious injury or death.

To know more about T.M Malones please visit here. You may also like Maninina: A Revelation page in facebook.


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