How to preserve our forest?
The Junior Chamber International – Iloilo Ilang-Ilang, Inc, organized a series of concerts as fund-raising projects to come up with the amount needed to buy the seedlings. The event last March 20, 2013 Jazz Concert, entitled, “Jazzing up our Forest Part 1” located at the Westown Hotel, Smallville Complex, Iloilo City was truly a successful one. The Junior Chamber International – Iloilo Ilang-Ilang, Inc. in line with its goal to create an impact in the development and rehabilitation of the environment, and to aid in addressing the current environmental issues affecting the society, initiated a joint project with the Haribon Foundation to address the recent floods, flash floods, landslides and other calamities as a result of our already deteriorating natural resources and receding forests. 

The Haribon Foundation is the Philippines’ pioneer environmental organization which practically gave birth to the Philippine environmental movement. The “rainforestation” program of Haribon or the Rainforest Organizations and Advocates (ROAD) to 2020 is an environmental conservation movement committed to restore one million hectares of Philippine rainforests using native tree species by year 2020 through an informed and engaged people. 

They are currently working with different clusters throughout the country as they work toward restoring the rainforests. These clusters, composed of LGUs, academic institutions, government agencies, NGOs, POs and individuals, are committed to “rainforestation” and ensuring that ecological benefits from forests are enjoyed by both Filipinos of today and tomorrow, and that our wildlife - our natural heritage will live on and I believe this is a latest good news for everyone of us.

In this regard, the Junior Chamber International – Iloilo Ilang-Ilang, Inc, envisions becoming a part of this “rainforestation” and restoration of our dying forests. Our part in support of the event is to donate, nurture and adopt seedlings! One seedling costs P200.00 and its our goal to plant at least 500 seedlings in one hectare.

Jazzing up our Forest Part 1(Practice Session)


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