How to remove pop-up ads in your site or downloaded blogger templates?

Wow nice gadget looks good & also the downloaded template it works well. But I've noticed later on when I cleared my browser cookies and refreshed a couple of times, there's a advertisement popping up. Lot of research on how to remove the pop-up ads but I only found warning tricks for viewing annoying ads. 

What are pop-ads?
Many websites and "free" programs support themselves by selling advertising space.  This advertising often is in the form of a "pop-up ads" or "pop-ups".  Pop-ups are tiny windows that appear seemingly out of the blue.  These ads annoy most, if not all, Internet users. Read more http://www.netfaqs.com/faqs/Spyware/index.asp
How did I remove the pop-up ads in blogger template? Simple! See instructions below.

1. First you must find out the pop-ads ads address and where did it came from. Example " bit.ly/WNeDv " shorten ads from unknown gadgets or downloaded blogger free template. You can see this above windows start up(see picture below).. The shorten pop-up ads is placed before or after from the original widget that you've place on your blog or site. Or in the next tab or window.

2. In my case, widgeo.net stats widget is the one causing annoying pop-up ads. I just simply remove the gadget below my site. 

3. If it's hard to find out what kind of gadget or free downloaded template and where did you place it. On you page or blog site "mouse Right Click" then select "view page source". CTRL + F to find and place the pop-up address URL. 

4. After searching proceed to template in your dashboard(see picture below) edit HTML check expand widgets and CTRL + F. Now place the widget name or address of the pop-up ads then delete. Make it sure to back up your template before deleting something on XML.

Here's another related useful link http://blog.teesupport.com/how-to-remove-ads-not-by-this-site-popup-manual-removal-guide/. Please leave comments below if it works.. Thank you.


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