A True Story about Non Human!

I am 30 years old now ,but the story that I'm going to write happened in 1995 a scary ghost stories, 17 years ago when I was in grade six. I was 12 years old that time,I can still remember that it was raining and I was playing under the rain. I climbed our new sharpened bamboo fence that time just to get a ripe cherry like fruit from the garden of our neighbor. I slipped but managed to hang on, I climbed down slowly but felt pain just under my armpit,when I saw a blood dropped from my armpit to my arm I started to panic and I shouted for my mom to help me. I was rushed to the hospital,they did some stitches then we went home to rest.That night was very painful, body aches, and it was very hard to move.I was sleeping with my brother 13 years old and my mom when I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night when I heard a gunshot.My brother was awake,the light was on, but my mom is not around. I heard voices just outside our room,but felt so strange that time. Since I can't move that much all I can see was our ceiling which was made of "amakan"or a bamboo matting. I don't know if I was just seeing things that time so to make sure that what I saw was really true I made my brother look too, the bamboo matting just above us started to move, it's as if there's something inside that space from the roof to the ceiling,if it was a cat it would not move like it did, but while seeing the movement getting closer to us and while I was trembling with goosebumps, I called for help from the people outside our room , then I looked at my brother he was trembling too while pointing into something, it was then I realize that our window was left open by mom and just above it where the wooden grills with bigger spaces I saw a figure with 2 red eyes,very prominent that till now I can still remember the feelings while looking at it.
(By Haycia my wife)


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