2012 Predictions

What is 2012 predictions? December 21. 2012 end of the world? What are the 2012 predictions nostradamus ? or What are nostradamus 2012 predictions ? is 2012 end of the world ? What is my 2012 Horoscope ? These are the common questions asked right now in the world wide web or even at home or any public places. Issues of 2012 calendar are tackle right now if what will happen on future dates. Like for example Russian underground shelters in USA for December 21 2012.

russian underground shelter - dinning room
Where Russian company Vivos builds underground shelters in USA. There will be 20 shelters, each for 200 people before year 2012. Bunkers will accommodate approximately 4000 elites, which will survive December 21 2012, nuclear war, pole shift, nibiru arrival, asteroid, flooding, tsunami or eruption of super volcano in Yellowstone. 

Also world war 3 in year 2012, Invasion of Aliens, 2012 phenomenon,  large floods, nostradamus predictions, accidents and other more 2012 prediction. Even though the 2012 predictions are completely shrouded in mystery, it is certain that they have intrigued people around the world. Lots of website are updating those things in order for us to have an idea. But you know what? Prayer is the best thing in order all bad predictions will not happen. Because daily prayer for this year 2012 will help us all survive in every day living.


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