Penang International Skimboarding Competition 2012

Skimboard is a board sport that has a characteristics and a mixture of surfing and skateboarding. The competitors of Filipino skimboarders was from Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and more. Due to the consistent of riding in waves with a combination of tricks the Filipino skimboarders grab the winning titles. Congratulations to all for winning the Penang International Skimboarding Competition 2012.

See 10 sec. video a combination of Big Spin and Hydrant

Here are the results. (source mylifeonboard site)

12 years and below category
1st Place- Miguel Villamin (Ph)
2nd Place- Noor Iqmal (Pg)
Women’s Category
1st Place- Monica Rose Lacuesta (Ph)
2nd Place- Arlene Arlene Grace Nonato (Ph)
3rd Place- Antonette Bombase (Ph)
29 years and above category
1st Place- Brien Secades (Ph)
2nd Place- Dzul (pg)
3rd Place- Kurt Hafiz Farah (Malaysia)

13 – 17 years category
1st Place- Fuad Omar (Pg)
2nd Place- Mohd Nizam (Pg)
3rd Place- Mohd Zaris Hakimi (Pg)

18 – 28 years category
1st Place- Sonny Boy Bayoyog (Ph)
2nd Place- Arjun Jimenez (Ph)
3rd Place- Roderick Manoy Bazar (Ph)

(see more pictures and highlights here)


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