How to disable autorun from USB drives manually?

How to disable USB autorun manually? This is very helpful as we all know lot of us are using flash drive also known as universal serial bus (USB) . If you have noticed when you plug in your universal serial bus USB in your laptop or personal computer sometimes or most all the time there is a pop up that appears either it was already automatically opened or maybe there was a bad file attached to it  which are commonly known mostly trojans viruses. This is caused by autorun from our USB.

There are many free tools out there where you can download but the question is how effective they are? Disabling auto run of USB will lessen or eleminate the incoming virus. Due this we have a chance to scan first the universal serial bus by using our existing anti virus software installed in our laptop or personal computer to know if there it was infected by virus or not. There will be a chance of knowing and preventing from any virus after scanning. As far as know not all anti virus can detect auto run from USB,  So how to disable auto run on USB manually?

Here's the step by step on how to disable auto run on USB.
  1. Click the Start button, then Run and enter "gpedit.msc" without the quotes
  2. Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System
  3. Scroll down to "Turn off Autoplay" and double click on it
  4. Click on the "Enabled" radio button, then for "Turn off Autoplay on" select "All drives"

Hope this will help us a lot..


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